Holly Bobo Discovery; Remains or Other Evidence?

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It’s been confirmed that a search for Holly Bobo took place in Decatur County, Tennessee over the weekend and there has in fact been a significant find. However, authorities haven’t officially confirmed whether or not the missing nursing student’s body has been found. They are referring to this weekend’s discovery as “articles of significant evidence.”

The disappearance of Holly Bobo was surrounded with confusion from the beginning and this investigation has always been a secretive and mysterious one. Why? It was revealed over the weekend that it’s possible that the remains of the missing woman were found around Parsons, Tennessee — she is the only person currently missing from the area that would necessitate such a massive search.

Now that it’s been confirmed that this weekend’s search was for Bobo, it’s time to question what was discovered. What counts as “significant articles of evidence?” Was Holly’s body found or what? Her cousin, singing reality star Whitney Duncan, said on Twitter that her body has not been found, but it’s important to take note that Duncan hasn’t really produced the most factual details on this case. In the first week of the woman’s disappearance, the country singer took to Twitter to make claims that Clint Bobo, Holly’s brother, was “completely cleared of any suspicion.” That simply was not true, as confirmed by Kristin Helm of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Nobody is cleared in this case, although the Bobos have been described as cooperative by the TBI.

It was specifically reported that remains may have been discovered — although it was later updated by the main source that authorities will not confirm or deny this revelation. After the story circulated over the weekend, the sheriff in Decatur County finally addressed slightly that the search did take place and that it was concerning Holly. These “significant articles of evidence,” may just be the remains of the missing nursing student, but if they’re not what are they?

What happened to Holly Bobo?

The speculation in this case has always been dense, but that could be partially because of the TBI agents’ refusal to be open with the public. It’s understandable that they are working an investigation, but this took place in such a tight-knit community it simply doesn’t make sense that officials wouldn’t at least acknowledge whether or not others are safe in the area.

What happened to her though? Was she the victim of a well-orchestrated attack by a serial predator? Wash she the victim of a crime of passion by a lover or admirer? Did she suffer some sort of accident at home only to “disappear” under such strange circumstances?

How did a sheriff in Alabama help in this search? The source says that’s what led to such a massive event this weekend, but why? How could a sheriff in Alabama know where to search for Holly around her home in Tennessee? There are so many new questions rising in this case, and it’s probably safe to say answers will be few and far between.

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