Holly Bobo Rumors and the Local Debacle

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Holly Bobo isn’t enjoying her summer at Natchez Trace State Park like other locals of Darden and Parsons. Nor is she participating in any of the other favored pastimes of those who live in West Tennessee. That is because Holly Bobo is missing. She vanished from her home around the morning of April 13, 2011 and hasn’t been heard from since. Curiously enough, this mystery isn’t unraveling as many do. Instead, it’s becoming more and more of a confusing and mind-numbing reminder of small-town mentalities and how tunnel vision is detrimental to any serious situation.

Over the past two and a half months, investigators in Tennessee haven’t been able to figure out what happened to Holly. Her brother claims to be the last person to see her and alleges that she was dragged away by a man in camouflage. However, investigators state that there were no drag marks found anywhere on the property. Is Clint Bobo lying? Well, apparently you have to be crazy to ask this sort of question when it comes to people from the small region in which the Bobo family resides. The Bobo family, according to locals who comment online, are god-fearing and well-liked in Parsons and Darden. Apparently that makes them completely exempt from any suspicion — no wonder nobody can figure out what happened to Holly, huh folks?

But the sad part isn’t about the locals, or the family of the missing nursing student, Holly Bobo. It’s about the news results when it comes to finding out what’s going on. Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn’t covering Holly’s disappearance much, and probably for good reason. It’s hard to cover a story when there is nothing to add to it, and that is why some online bloggers and amateur writers resort to fabricating far-out stories to sensationalize the girl’s disappearance and in attempts to garner more readers. Unfortunately for writers for Examiner.com and Suite101, more readers doesn’t mean more money. They are only paid when you click an advertisement, and pennies at that. It’s a desperate situation for writers who lack the experience or know-how to write for more credible and high-paying publishers such as Gather News and others.

So, some noteworthy facts to readers who are seeking credible, factual and authoritative information and updates on Holly Bobo and other news stories:

1. If its on Examiner or Suite101 — it isn’t being seen by an editor until sometimes weeks after it’s published. This means any errors, any false information and any made-up witness accounts are not monitored or fact-checked by anyone for a long time — until it’s too late and the damage already done. However, if you want to read someone who is definitely a credible Examiner writer, check out Joel Siegried’s work. He uses sources and doesn’t fabricate witnesses — while staying up-to-date with Holly Bobo news.

All articles published on Gather News have to go through an editor before they see the light of day, and before they even step foot in the Google News Results.

2. If a particular quote or detail is found on one of these user-generated websites, and that’s the only website its found on — be aware that it’s probably something untrue and nothing more than a rumor created by the writer in hopes of garnering attention.

3. If most articles published by a writer on one of these sites has at least one “anonymous witness” with a quote that can’t be verified by any mainstream news source or other sourcing — chances are, it’s fake. In fact, some writers have been caught using anonymous forum conversations as their sources in articles — which is incredibly stupid since you can’t verify who you are “IM’ing” online all the time.

Hopefully that helps all of you, while you’re seeking factual information about Holly Bobo. It’s a weird case, and for some reason it’s made weirder by the behavior of the locals paired with silence of the family. The constant slew of rumors posted by untalented writers also isn’t helping the situation. Will Holly be found, or will people choose to entertain themselves with gossip and theories until she’s dead, gone and forgotten forever?

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