Holly Bobo Update: Is Purse Discovery a Ploy?

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The search for Holly Bobo just got launched into overdrive in a revival that comes as quite a shock. This latest update comes after a homeowner’s dog found the missing nursing student’s purse and brought it home. The purse was identified positively as belonging to Holly — one of the first real pieces of evidence in the search in over two years.

Holly Bobo

The home where the dog brought the purse happens to be in an area not far from Holly’s home — which is where she was allegedly led from by a man in camoflauge hunting gear back in April of 2011. Now, an intensive search is taking place in the area near Myracle Town Rd. & Box Rd. in Darden.

Curiously, Myracle Town Rd. has been the focus of searches before, searches just as thorough as this latest one. So how was this purse missed before — unless the purse wasn’t there when the area was searched previously? It’s been two years since Holly vanished, and to think that this location has been scoured by hundreds of volunteers and dozens of officials — it’s hard to understand how this was missed.

The timing behind all of this is also quite chilling. In a span of just a few months in 2011, several women vanished in a 700 mile radius — Holly Bobo, Katelyn Markham, Lauren Spierer, and a few others. Over the past couple of weeks, at least two sets of skeletal remains have been located — one set positively identified as Katelyn Markham, and another awaiting identification to confirm whether or not the remains belong to Lauren Spierer. All of these cases have been speculated as involving a serial killer, so if Holly’s remains are found in this latest search the speculation will again rise to astronomical proportions.

It kind of makes you wonder if someone planted that purse to kick up some more attention, or to play games with those who have searched for the missing woman for the past two years. Doesn’t it? Hopefully, Holly is located and some closure can be had for her loved ones, but in the meantime it’s important to remain skeptical of all that goes on in this case.

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