Holly Bobo Update: More about Tony Calabrese

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The Holly Bobo case is in its ninth month, three away from being an entire year, and there are very few developments worth mentioning. However, it was earlier reported that officials sought a search warrant against Tony Calabrese, a man who runs a fraudulent “Tactical SAR” group dedicated to finding the missing Tennessee woman. There are more details in this strange turn of events, but it’s important to point out that Calabrese is not a suspect in Holly’s disappearance.

He is, however, accused of hindering the investigation by summoning people to bypass the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by giving him leads and tips directly. This has directly affected the investigation, and many people have been duped by the guy. Regarding the Holly Bobo disappearance, Tony Calabrese has directed attention away from the investigation by purposely posing as an organization dedicated to finding missing persons. Officials seized his computer along with other pieces of evidence that haven’t been identified by authorities yet.

A shady character in the Holly Bobo case

Tony Calabrese is all over the Internet as an obnoxious character. He also runs a so-called recording label, Blaze Records USA. Most of the “talent” he works with are young girls, blonde and attractive, and very lacking on actual talent. There are also some strange search results in Google regarding amateur modeling and phone chat with these young ladies.

Tony Calabrese is also accused of harassing several people, and not just regarding the disappearance of Miss Bobo. This link shows a slew of discussion on Google help forums regarding Tony and his online activities. It seems that many people have had problems with this man impersonating, slandering, and harassing them online. Hopefully the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation gets this put to an end and Tony Calabrese discontinues his harassment. With him being without a computer (for now), that may help.

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