Holly Bobo Update Reveals New Details

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Holly Bobo was allegedly led from her home into the woods on April 13, 2011, according to what her brother Clint Bobo told police. Some new details in the missing nursing student’s disappearance reveal that there are no conspiracies going on here. Holly Bobo is missing and investigators are stumped.

Sheriff Roy Wyatt of Decatur County, Tennessee, spoke with reporters and he clarified on some of the details in this missing persons case. Since the beginning, it’s been unclear as to what happened on that morning. Rumors on the internet are dripping with assumptions because of the lack of details. It’s been a pretty public case in the media and people have asked a ton of questions like, “What did the perp look like?” and others.

When Karen, Dana, and Clint Bobo finally addressed the media on camera in June, nearly three months after Holly Bobo vanished, they didn’t discuss these details. Clint didn’t recount what happened that morning, nor did the family give any description of the suspect. This not only felt suspicious, but it was also frustrating to see people plead for the return of a family member, without offering any details for viewers to help turn in tips and leads.

Thankfully, Sheriff Roy Wyatt cleared these details up for people who are following this case. For one thing, Clint Bobo didn’t call the police after noticing that his sister was being abducted by a man dressed head-to-toe in camouflage hunting gear. Instead, he called his mother. It was Karen Bobo, who called the police. When asked about the time frame in which this all occurred, Roy Wyatt couldn’t give a concrete time frame but said:

“A very, very short time.”

Sheriff Roy Wyatt also admitted that investigators have no clue of what happened to Holly Bobo. All they have is the story given to them by Clint Bobo, who was the only person at home with the 20-year-old nursing student during the time of her alleged kidnapping.

“This is according to her brother that he had seen her being led into the woods,” he clarified.

Sources reveal that even though the FBI, TBI, and US Marshalls are still based in Parsons for this investigation, there have been no new leads or discoveries. They do not know what happened. Beyond the few items of hers found throughout the wooded region surrounding her home, nothing else of hers has been found.

What happened to Holly Bobo? Was she truly abducted by a man dressed in camouflage? Sheriff Roy Wyatt says that Clint Bobo alleged that the man in camouflage stood at around 6 feet tall and around 200 lbs., but he only got a mere glimpse of the man as he watched his sister walk into the woods with him. Roy Wyatt claims that it only took a “very short amount of time,” for Clint to realize his sister wasn’t with a boyfriend. So why didn’t he immediately call 911 instead of his mother? Why didn’t he run into the woods with a gun and stop his sister from being abducted?

What really happened that morning?

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