Holly Bobo Update: Search for Evidence Continues

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Holly Bobo Update: 30 volunteers combed the area of Holladay, Tennessee in hopes of uncovering more evidence in the disappearance of the missing nursing student. It isn’t known whether or not these individuals found anything, as there have been no other updates, but it doesn’t seem like they did. This is a disappointment, but it’s becoming the norm since Holly vanished well over a year ago and the updates just keep spacing farther and farther apart.

Holly Bobo vanished on the morning of April 13, 2011. Her older brother Clint Bobo claims to have watched her being “dragged” away from their property by man in camouflage hunting gear. However, it was after drag marks weren’t found that the story changed to the missing Darden woman being “led away,” by the man who took her. It’s unknown what happened exactly as many details have been changed and re-stated with differences, but one thing is for certain; she’s gone. Her case has been compared to many other missing women’s cases, and it’s even been speculated that a serial predator could be responsible for her disappearance. It’s unlikely, though, unless it was someone who was extremely familiar with the rural area surrounding her home.

Recently a woman by the name of Megan Sharpton (also reported as Ericka Megan Sharpton or Ericka Sharpton) was found murdered and partially burned on the side of a country road. The location of her body was just a couple of hours from the home of Holly’s family, and coincidentally it’s been reported that she, too, was a nursing student in the area. She was also in her early 20s. Is it really a coincidence or could there be any connections to the murder of Megan Sharpton and the disappearance of Holly?

As for the searches for the still-missing nursing student, her father Dana Bobo says that there will be more searches planned for the end of this month. They are hoping to at least eliminate places where she is not, so as to narrow down the possibility of where she could be. However, with the time that has passed, the chances of finding her are becoming slimmer. This is pretty much a cold case with it almost being a year and a half since that fateful morning.

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