Hollywood 2010: The Year of the Family? Who Knew?

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In 1964 the Beatles swept the nation and kicked off the British Invasion. Even though their roots were deeply entrenched in the youthfully rebellious counter culture, they were packaged as squeaky clean lads from just down the block. But every hero needs a villain. Enter the Rolling Stones.

If John and Paul were the new apostles of musical sunshine, then Jagger and Richards were the denizen Kings of darkness. It’s an old story but presented in a modern light with flesh and blood characters. Good vs Evil. Only this time, Good didn’t necessarily win.

Titanic forces struggled in that decade to overthrow the cherished concepts that had guided the previous 10 generations (you know, Home, Hearth and Family…) and Hollywood sat up and took notice.

In every genre of artistic endeavor, devotees of anti-family values gained the upper hand. The result was an unblinking look at what American life was supposedly truly all about and it became fashionable to bash anything that seemed to stand for wholesomeness. Not anymore.

Like every giant pendulum, the blade swings both ways. And momentum seems to be shifting back to the core values that made America great. You know. Home, Hearth and Family.

In a piece published by the Philadelphia Bulletin, an argument is being made that the grandkids of Baby Boomers are raising their families in the old fashioned way: Play Nice. And movies are the Number 1 indicator.

The article quotes Hollywood Reporter’s Carl DiOrio as writing, “Films aimed at parents with kids have been so hot this summer that even executives marketing R-rated horror movies must be tempted to work a couple of bars of ‘We Are Family’ into promo spots.”

There’s also a recounting of the first half of Hollywood’s 2010 season, and Family movies rule the roost. Despicable Me, Toy Story 3 and The Karate Kid have all beaten expectations by doubling and even tripling revenue predictions.

Why the big surprise? Is this concept too hard for Hollywood to figure out?

Not according to Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, who is quoted as saying, “It happens over and over again. And still the ‘executives’ are caught off guard. Nobody needs a graphing calculator. Bring out the whole family, and you bring out a bigger audience.”

There are still 5 months left in 2010: The Year of the Family. So grab the kids and head out to a movie. Keep the pendulum swinging.

SOURCE: Philadelphia Bulletin

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