Hollywood Bling Rings Confesses to Good Morning America [video]

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We have heard for a while about celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie who have been burglarized. More than one million dollars worth of clothing a jewelry had been stolen by a group who calls themselves the “Hollywood Bling Rings.” Two friends Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee used the internet, mainly Google Earth to figure out ways into these celebrity homes. Nick says he was helping Rachel Lee “go shopping.” Which became a string of burglaries by the “Hollywood Bling Ring.” They broke in while the celebrities were out partying–they were able to keep tabs on the celebrities because of paparazzi and scheduled events.

The “Hollywood Bling Ring” knew exactly what they wanted, part fan, part felon and completely reckless. Between October 2008 and August 2009 the Bling Ring stole close to a two million dollars, never thinking they would get caught. On September 17th they did get caught on numerous accounts. All of these teens in the “Bling Ring” lived at home, so the question arises where were the parents? When the kids room become gilled with designer clothes, technology, and paintings why wasn’t that raising a red flag.

I think that there has become such an obsession with celebrities in America, it has become unreal, and this is a perfect example, of the lengths people are willing to go to get some taste of that fame–even if it is stealing celebrities undergarments and wearing them. How will this cycle stop? Is it really hurting us as a society that we are giving people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton much more fame credit and air space than say President Obama?

Here is the video interview with Nick Prugo–who, I’ll be honest, does not look at all ashamed, embarrassed or remorseful for what he and the rest of the “Hollywood Bling Ring” did.

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