‘Hollywood Exes’ Episode 7 Recap: Good Girls Gone Bad

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The good girls of Hollywood Exes finally turned VH1 bad on episode seven. After taking a trip to Palm Springs, the cast shed their clean personas and finally got down and dirty!

Who knew that food could cause so much drama? The drama of episode seven all started from a dispute over lamb and veal. While many of the girls looked forward to having a healthy meat plentiful meal while in Palm Springs, Jessica Canseco made sure to draw her line in the sand for all to see. Jessica made sure to make her feelings known. “If anyone orders lamb, I’m gonna shove that lamb chop up their ass!” You can guess what happened next. Well, not completely. No asses were actually hurt during the filming of this show, but feelings are a totally different story.

Andrea Kelly, Mayte Garcia, and Sheree Fletcher decided to play a joke on Jessica while at dinner. While grocery shopping for dinner, they decide to buy two live lobsters just to poke a little fun at Jessica. The playful joke turned into a screaming match after Andrea brought up Jessica’s decision to have an abortion. The ladies all agreed that while Jessica may call Sheree a hypocrite for praying then drinking off camera, Jessica was just as hypocritical for preaching about protecting the lives of animals while also deciding to abort a pregnancy. Jessica decided to tell her cast mates about her abortion in hopes that they would keep the information off camera. Hopefully Jessica learned a valuable lesson about reality TV. Your private life is no longer private once those VH1 contracts are signed.

It looks like the bad girl behavior will be back next week. In previews for episode eight, Mayte picked up a champagne glass and in true VH1 fashion, decided to throw it. Maybe once tempers cool, the Hollywood Exes can once again try to prove that there is room for nice girls on VH1.

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