‘Hollywood Heights': A Budding Song Writer, a Rock Star and a Gold Digging Model

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On the last episode of Hollywood Heights, Max, Eddie’s father, showed up with coffee and bagels. Eddie had previously told him he was proposing to Chloe. Max wanted make sure this was the right woman for his son. A frustrated Eddie suggested he spend more time with Chloe to see for himself that she is the one. Elsewhere, Chloe got a surprise visit from Lily, one aggressive TV entertainment reporter who claimed a photographer was shopping a photo of Tyler leaving her apartment last night. Lily tells Chloe the photo will sell. She agreed to hook Chloe up with the photographer in exchange for an exclusive with Eddie. A desperate Chloe had to do something.

She went to Tyler to ask him to meet the photographer with her. She blamed him for all of this and told him she refused to lose everything she worked so hard for. Chloe loved the money, the fans, and the lifestyle she had with Eddie, and she wasn’t going to part with any of it. While Chloe claimed she loved Eddie, she’s also had it bad for Tyler. When it comes to Eddie, she’s digging for gold, but a dose of Tyler on the side hits the spot for the leggy, successful model.

Nora stopped at the bakery for coffee and ran into Dr. Don. He wanted her to cut in line and join him, but she didn’t oblige. He decided to jump out of line and join her instead. The flirting continued between these two, but Nora remained skittish taking this too far.

Elsewhere, Loren couldn’t stop herself from checking her phone to see if there was any news about the Eddie Duran’s songwriting contest. The waiting game was driving her crazy. Adam came along and confided in her that he was crushing over Melissa. Loren believed he and Mel would be perfect together. She suggested he ask her to the dance. Adam got his courage up, but just when he was about to invite Melissa, she got the word that Loren’s song made it into the top 25. She blurted out to Adam that he should take Loren to the dance so she’ll have someone to lean on while celebrating her huge accomplishment.

Chloe and Tyler hooked up with that shady photographer in a bakery. She told the guy her money is as green as anyone elses. The photographer admitted he had the photo and a back-up copy. If Chloe really wanted it, she’d have to pay his going rate. The going rate was a cool $15,000. Chloe told the guy it was a deal, and Tyler told her she was out of her mind.

Elsewhere, Eddie told Jake he’s intended to propose to Chloe. Jake told him if he was sure, he should run with it and take advantage of the publicity. Jake wanted a big splash. Eddie told him to slow down because it was all about what Chloe wanted. Eddie didn’t want his manager/agent to plan his wedding. He didn’t want to go all “Kardashian” over this.

Melissa told Loren she made the top 25 in the songwriting contest, and Loren remained low-key about this. A frustrated Adam told Loren that Melissa just about ordered him to take Loren to the dance. Loren told Adam that Melissa suffered from premature celebration syndrome. She told him they would find Mel so he could ask her about the dance again.

Traci’s friend Kelly showed up at Jake’s office with a file she believed he forgot to take to work. Jake claimed he didn’t need the file. Kelly managed to get herself a gig with Jake reviewing the music submitted from the top 25 finalists in the songwriting competition. When Traci showed up to visit Jake, she didn’t look thrilled when she learned about her friend’s new job. You think Kelly has designs on Jake?

Eddie worked to select a ring for Chloe for his big marriage proposal. Six-Carats wouldn’t do it. He wanted an epic ring for his girl. Jake began to wonder if Eddie really wanted to get married so young. Eddie thought he sounded like his father. Tyler threatened Chloe to expose her true motivation when it came to Eddie if she didn’t give him more of what he wanted. Chloe used her charm to calm him down. Adriana gave Loren grief about being in the top 25 of that songwriting contest, and a frustrated Max tried to cope with the dismal launch of his new nightclub.

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