Hollywood Heights: Loren Hangs Out with Eddie and Adriana Is Pregnant

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On yesterday’s episode of Hollywood Heights, Eddie had dinner with Loren and Nora. A thrilled Eddie loved the thought of a cooked meal. He said he was dropping Loren off because he had to see his trainer. Nora’s pecan pie sounded too good to pass up. A horrified Loren cringed when her mother wondered if the phrase ‘dropping her off’ was what kids called ‘it’ now. Loren struck back asking Nora what she was doing out of the office in the middle of the day with Dr. Don. Nora insisted they had ‘business’ out of the office.

Back at Cappuccino, Adriana hung out with Kim and another friend. Kim mentioned Eddie Duran’s latest ‘Tweet’ about kicking it while playing guitar for the amazing Loren Tate’s recording session. Kim blew Adriana’s mind when she found a photo of Eddie and Loren having dinner at Rumor. Adrianna noticed Cam and suggested Loren Tate thought she was too good for everyone. She baited Cameron to help her take Loren down. Cameron told her she was dating a high school dropout. Cam told her if she messed with Loren, she’d have to deal with him.

Mel discovered her dad was chatting with an attorney about Phil’s possible troubles. Gus said the attorney claimed there was nothing to do now since Phil hadn’t been arrested. Mel didn’t get why they had to wait for her brother to get hauled off to find out if he would accept help. Elsewhere, Lisa went to that sleazy motel her son was staying in, but he didn’t answer the door. Don attempted to mend fences with Ellie, but she wanted $100,000 from him in the next couple of days. Don turned to a loan shark for help.

Back at Loren’s Eddie discovered Loren couldn’t pronounce the word lasagna. Nora spilled those beans and both Eddie and Nora attempted to get Loren to pronounce the word. Loren finally did and she almost nailed it. Eddie wanted to hear more stories about Loren when she was younger. Nora told him about her affection for singing and clanging two pot covers.

A lonely Max played guitar and sang and Daphne found him, she sang with him. A melancholy Max who was thinking about his dead wife’s birthday told Daphne he didn’t believe they had a future together. He mentioned the great time he had with her, but he didn’t think they were working. An upset Daphne was gracious during the breakup and told Max they could have made a great couple. She bailed on the relationship but would still be singing at Max’s club.

Lisa and Gus continued to discuss Phil. Lisa doesn’t understand why Gus is cutting their son off. She wants him to support Phil. Gus believed they have already cut Phil too much slack and he wants his son to learn there are consequences to his actions. Lisa told Phil she would continued to support him. A helpless Gus didn’t know what to do.

Detective Connolly visited Phil and threatened to get a warrant for his hotel room, his parent’s house and Adrianna’s house unless Phil helped him take Colorado down. That, according to the detective, was the only way Phil could save himself. Otherwise, he would end up sharing a cell with Colorado. Phil remained hesitant about talking and still insisted he was innocent.

Back at Cappuccino, Adriana claimed the smell of the food was ‘barfing her out.’ Kim noticed she looked pale and sweaty. Her stomach was churning and she suddenly covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom. She told her friends she had a stomach flu. Kim reminded her she had a flu shot because the technician giving the shots was so hot. Kim wondered if she used protection with Phil. Adriana insisted she had, but once alone she muttered ‘at least the first time.’

Eddie wondered how Loren really got into music. He knew it wasn’t just the pot covers. She told him about missing her dad and writing him letters. She said those letters became poems and then lyrics. Once Loren had the lyrics, the music just flowed. Loren mentioned not wanting to share that story with Nora because Nora felt so guilty about her father not being in her life. Max called Eddie and wanted to go out to eat. He invited him to Loren’s for dessert. Max said he wouldn’t be good company and probably wouldn’t make it. Eddie wanted to check on Max and invited Nora and Loren to come with him. Nora said she was too tired but gave Loren permission to make her own decisions. An excited Loren changed to go to Max’s club with Eddie. Eddie was dazzled by her sparkly outfit.

Nora heard a knock on her door. It was Max looking for Eddie. She explained the kids went to the club looking for him. She invited Max in and despite the fact that he had a few drinks, he stayed. She fed him and talked about Katy and Nora’s ex. A tired Max fell into the couch and Nora encouraged him to rest. He said he would, but he couldn’t stay. Don called Nora to invite her out for a night-cap but she claimed she had a down and out friend who needed her. Mel went to see Phil and pleaded with him to come home for their parent’s sake. Phil told Mel she could be number one if he wasn’t there. She told her brother he was making their parent’s miserable. She wanted him home. She left and Phil appeared remained in deep thought.

Adriana showed up to see Phil. She ordered him not to touch her and revealed she was pregnant. Back at Max’s pub, the paparazzi caught images of Eddie and Loren hanging out.

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