‘Hollywood Heights': ‘Mars’ Works for Loren

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On the last episode of Hollywood Heights, Loren and Eddie were all over each other at his place. Eddie wondered if they were going too fast, but Loren insisted the speed was a good one. Eddie began to sense Loren was slightly afraid of him. She admitted he gave her butterflies. Suddenly, Eddie backed off and claimed they should slow down. He said his former relationship didn’t turn out well and he wanted to reconsider this “going all in” thing. Loren understood.

Elsewhere, Traci couldn’t believe Kelly barged into her house to have Jake sign papers while she and Jake were in the middle of something. She hated the way Kelly was looking at Jake. Traci was sure something was off, and she called Jake on it after Kelly left. Jake insisted nothing was going on between him and Kelly. He insisted she was the only girl for him and insisted Kelly loved her like a sister. Traci simply told her husband she knew what she knew.

Back at the office, Ellie and Don spoke behind closed doors. Ellie told Don if he fired her, she’d lawyer up and see him in court. She had nothing to do with that break in at the clinic. Don insisted his letting her go had nothing to do with their past, but Ellie isn’t buying it. Her threats caused Don to change his mind. She told Nora she still had her job, but she knew Nora wasn’t on her side. Nora told her she was her friend, and Ellie snapped that might be true, but she knew Nora didn’t have her back on this.

Eddie and Loren discussed the song she would sing for Kelly at the recording studio. Eddie thought she should go with Mars because they didn’t have enough time to tweak her new song. Loren believed that song belonged to Eddie. She said she signed legal documents when she gave him the song and he has to sing it. Eddie said he would sign the song back over to her, so Loren went with Mars. He told her she could write him another later. They stop at Loren’s before heading to the office to meet Kelly. Eddie entered her bedroom and noticed the poster of him on Loren’s wall. He checked her playlist while she selected an outfit to wear for the video recording session.

Traci continued to grill Jake about Kelly. She wanted to let it go but couldn’t. An impressed Loren gets into Eddie’s sports car and couldn’t believe he was driving himself. Elsewhere, Mel ran into Phil at Cappuccino and told him she knew he was responsible for breaking into the store. She mentioned that even their mother’s faith in him was wavering.

Osborne Silver chatted with his assistant Connor about getting Eddie Duran for his movie. Silver wanted Connor to get to Eddie to make him believe Tyler was getting the part meant for him. Connor agreed to find a way to get Eddie to read the script.

Loren worried about what to wear for the recording session. She brought her own dress but knew Kelly would have wardrobe ideas of her own. Eddie said he had Loren’s back. He said if she trusted Kelly, she should be open to her choices, but in the end, it would be her call. Loren told him Kelly knew they were “fooling around” but she didn’t want Jake to know. Eddie seemed surprised, and Loren admitted she didn’t know what else to call it, so she went with fooling around.

Nora didn’t get why Don changed his mind about firing Ellie. He had seemed so determined. Don said he had a change of heart and thought Ellie deserved the benefit of the doubt. He invited Nora to his place for lunch. She hesitated but ended up going. Ellie watched the two of them leave, calling it “unbelievable.” Later, we see Ellie rummaging through Don’s desk. Will she find information about the settlement Don paid the last woman he harassed?

A shocked Eddie didn’t understand why Connor Morgan showed up to see him. He told Eddie he and Osborne Silver desperately wanted him for that movie. He also mentioned the studio was close to hiring Tyler for the part. Eddie told Connor Tyler was a ticking time bomb and would ruin his movie. Connor noticed Loren, wanted to know if she acted and stated she had a star quality about her. He asked Eddie to read the script. Loren thought there was no harm in reading it, so Eddie took it and promised to read it.

Nora and Don continued their afternoon lovemaking session at his house with only eighteen minutes left to get back to the office. Back in studio, Eddie accompanied Loren on his guitar, and she nailed the session wearing an outfit Kelly chose. A delighted Kelly was off to upload the song. She got back to the office where Steven wanted to chat about the thing she had for Jake. She admitted she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Steven mentioned he needed a roommate and invited Kelly to move in with him. She agreed.

Kelly visited Traci who attempted to trick her into admitting something went on between her and Jake. Kelly passed Traci’s test, and the two hugged. Adam told Mel he got into NYU and invited her to spend time in New York with him. Osborne likes Connor’s work, and Eddie walks Loren into her house after her big day. He kisses her quickly and started to leave when she asked him for a real goodbye kiss. He complied and Nora came along in time to witness the thing.

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