Holocaust Opera Opens in Austria

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An “opera depicting how Nazis methodically killed mentally or physically deficient children at a Vienna hospital during World War II” may not be everyone’s idea of entertainment. However, it is undoubtedly a very meaningful project for its creator, Austrian composer Peter Androsch, whose grandfather died in a concentration camp; and to others who were touched in some way by similar holocaust atrocities.

As reported by The Huffington Post, an opera titled “Spiegelgrund” premieres Friday, January 25, in a chamber of the Austrian parliament. Those attending include Austrian parliamentarians and other invited guests. The opera will be broadcast on the internet beginning at 1600 GMT. This event marks International Holocaust Day in Austria. Sunday is when the world will mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Exterminating children who are physically or mentally challenged is something that has not been as prominently reported as other Nazi crimes. This level of evil is unimaginable.

Although the Holocaust took place over 65 years ago, Austria, which for a time was in denial about this terrible chapter in history, is still trying to atone for their role in the Nazi atrocities, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It is important to remember these terrible tragedies because the possibility still exists that this sort of thing could happen again. As unlikely as mass torture and genocide on this scale may seem today, the potential is always there.

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