Holy Month of August for Ramadan

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On Monday, August 1, the Middle East will begin its annual month-long, holy observance of Ramadan, during which Muslims worldwide fast each day from dawn until dusk. Not only is it a fasting of food, the abstinence includes drinking, smoking, and sex. It is a time for prayer and introspection, and possibly a time of greater peace.

If there’s ever a time for divine intervention, the world sure could use a bit of Holy inspiration to grow tolerance and compassion for all people right about now.

The beginning of Ramadan coincides with the first signs of the new moon. According to MSNBC, the new moon “marks the beginning of the Muslim lunar month, varying between 29 and 30 days.”

Due to the unforgivingly hot summer weather, Palestinian officials in the West Bank and Gaza have dedicated themselves to relieving conditions somewhat by pushing the clock back by an hour. Maybe cooler temperatures can evoke cooler tempers too. If longer days can bring peace for the day and peaceful demonstration by night, perhaps the peace can be comfortable enough for everybody.

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