Holy Muscles Batman! Tom Hardy’s Been Working Out!

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Actor Tom Hardy gained 30lbs of solid muscle for his role as the villain Bane in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

The character of Bane is an escaped prisoner who becomes “abnormally strong after being pumped full of drugs,” according to the movie’s director, Christopher Nolan.

In February, Tom Hardy said his goal was to weigh 200 pounds before production of the movie started this month. That’s 200 pounds in three months! Here he is in the first picture released of him as the villain, Bane, in the Batman movie. He looks huge, (and evil) but unfortunately, we only get a glimpse of his back.

First look: The first image of actor Tom Hardy as villainous Bane in new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises surfaced today

(Photo Source: Mail Online)

Here’s a picture of how he looked before bulking up: handsome, slim and trim.

Muscle gain: Tom was asked to gain 30lbs of muscle to play the 'the man who broke the Bat'

(Photo Source: Mail Online)

Tom Hardy is no stranger to bulking up for films. He gained around 28 pounds of muscle for his upcoming movie, Warrior.

Buff: Hardy went through a demanding training routine to gain muscle during pre-production for his yet-to-be released film role Warrior, alongside Joel Edgerton, right

(Photo Source: Mail Online)

Some studies report that gaining and losing weight repeatedly, called “yo-yo dieting” can have harmful effects on a person’s body. Some studies speculate it can affect your heart while others say it could weaken your immune system. It also seems to mess up your metabolism making it more difficult to lose weight in the future.

Stars gain and lose weight often for roles, as Hollywood tries to make the movies more realistic and true to form. One would assume that the money a star gets for a role makes up for the health risks, but you can’t enjoy your money if you’re not alive, right? Are stars going too far for roles now?

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