Home Farming In A Tote: Homemade Grow Bags

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Grow bags are a newly popular method of planting, especially in the United Kingdom. They are a great way garden in a recycled planter and particularly a good choice for those growing a home farm with limited space. They are also great for planting crops that are tricky to grow in the ground.

While you can purchase pre-filled poly-vinyl grow bags for use on your home farm, it’s quite simple to make your own. If you caught on to the bring your own grocery tote movement like I have, you probably have way too many than you have groceries to carry. After a few too many uses they can get a little grimy and worn so rather than toss them why not simply recycle your earth-friendly sack into an earth-filled planter. A nice bonus is that the handles of your tote will make it easier to move your plants around.

Try to pick the largest tote you have for your homemade grow bag, if it is a cloth tote, it should drain quite well with out any modification, but if it isn’t cloth simply cut some holes in the bottom for drainage before filling with soil. Be sure and use a well-draining potting soil and not just dirt from your garden

Almost any variety of plant can be grown in your homemade grow bag, but of course there are some plants that seem tailor made for this type of planter. Sweet potatoes, for example, are an excellent choice for planting in this method as they tend to grow better in an above-ground bed and the long intestinal-like vines that accompany the sweet tubers can simply be bundled together on top of the tote.

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