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I had a really great trip to Las Vegas, although I am super glad to be home again!

This trip was a 5 day trip & we did a lot & saw a lot. I enjoyed leading this trip myself this time. Last time I was in Vegas, I was the volunteer. I liked creating the timeline & taking people to see the fun things in Vegas.

We visited Lake Mead & the Hoover Dam (I’ll upload pics & post soon), and we saw how much progress they have made on the new bridge that is going to go over the Dam area.

It was just a fun trip, no problems…I really enjoyed it. We did spend a ton more time in the casion’s that I did last visit. We had a few people that really loved the slot machines & that is what they wanted to do in Vegas…so I brought them to the slots as often as I could.

Last night we visited Freemont St. & saw the Freemont St. Experience. They are really promoting this Summer of 1969 theme & people in all of the Freemont casino’s are dressed in tie-dyed clothes..etc. Live concert going on there as well. We go to a great place at One Freemont St. for a delicious…and cheap prime rib dinner.

I still have the slots machine “music” going through my head!

So I am back & trying to get caught up on all that I missed…including the points changes….I just started reading Tom’s article on that.

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