There are those who
will flee from home
even though their memories
are their baggage they carry
Others who choose
like birds, to fly south
when the weather gets foul
Or some will move
for a love, or work, in a distant land
Gypsies will move simply to feel
the shape of the earth shift under their soles
But most people stay
rooted close to home ground
Each familiar rock and road our neighbors
Each swamp, river and stream
etched into the fabric of our lives
The smells of the world around us
part of our very flesh and blood
Whether we suffer frozen winters,
tornadoes, air so dry the land goes up in flames,
earthquakes, tsunami, drought, floods
or anything Mother Nature decides must be
the particular test for that particular land
We stay because it is home
This is what we know and love
There is no place like it for us
so we adjust accordingly in respect
to the land and water who chose us


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I am very passionate, sometimes too impulsive, a lover of life and all that it has to offer.

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