Homemade Doughnuts – Can’t Beat It!

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I got this recipe awhile back but never made it. I have been searching for things I can make Trevor for breakfast, that he can eat now that he has braces – things that are soft, things that aren’t too sweet, and things he will eat (as he is still a bit picky). I pulled this out the other day, added the Pioneer Woman’s Vanilla Icing from her scones recipe and I had a hit on my hand. Best part is that the doughnuts are baked and the dough is made in the bread machine. Easy to make, less fat because they aren’t fried and delicious. See the out-of-this-world variation in my notes at the bottom!

Baked Sugar Doughnuts (for the ABM)

3 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered

1 cup soy milk

3 tsp egg replacer +

4 tbsp water

3/4 cup shortening

1/2 cup Stevia

1 tsp salt

4-1/2 cups bread flour

2.25 tsp active dry yeast


3/4 cup sugar

1.25 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 cup butter, or margarine, melted (I used Best Life Spread)

Vanilla Icing:

1 whole vanilla bean

1/2 cup soy milk, plus more if needed (original called for cows milk)

5 cups powdered sugar, sifted, plus more as needed

Dash salt

Place potatoes in a saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil; cook until tender. Reserve 1/4 cup of cooking water and drain off the rest of the water. Set aside the potatoes and water to cool.

Mash potatoes; set aside 1 cup to cool to room temperature and refrigerate remaining for some other use.

Place dough ingredients in bread pan of bread machine according to manufacturers’ directions, adding reserved potato water and potatoes. Select DOUGH setting. Keep checking dough to make sure you have a smooth dough, may have to add additional flour or water depending.

When cycle is complete, turn dough onto a lightly floured work surface. Knead in an additional 1/4 to 1/2 cup flour, if necessary. Roll out to 1/2” thickness. Cut with a 2-1/2” doughnut cutter (I used an English muffin ring and a small jar to cut the center). Place on greased baking sheets; cover and let rise until almost doubled in size, about 25 minutes.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned. Combine sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over the top of each doughnut.*

Vanilla Icing: Split vanilla bean in half lengthwise and scrape out the little black seeds. Stir the seeds into the milk. Set aside for 15 minutes to infuse.

Mix the powdered sugar and salt with the vanilla milk, adding more sugar as necessary to get the right consistency. Stir or whisk until smooth.

One at a time, dunk the cooled doughnuts into the glaze, turning as often as necessary to get a good coating. Transfer to parchment paper to cool. Allow to set completely, for an hour. Serve immediately.

Risa’s notes:

*original called for just the sugar and cinnamon but I made a vanilla glaze for the top instead.

I also made a Lemon Curd version mixing some curd with a bit of soy milk and spread it on each doughnut and then sprinkling with Meyer Lemon zest.

The glaze recipe was from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.

Yield: 15-30 depending on size

Source: Blog – baking.food.com

(from posting at ABMtalk 5/22/11

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