Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June to Appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

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Rumor has it that Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June will be part of the next line up of “stars” on Dancing With The Stars. The latest buzz is that June’s dancing aspirations were the motivation for her recent one hundred pound weight loss. Well, she still has more than a few pounds left to go, but obese celebs have appeared on the show in the past, so why not Mama June? The question is: Is this rumor true?

Apparently, the world will have to wait another month or so to find out. The list of less than A-list celebrities chosen to compete on the sixteenth season of DWTS won’t be announced until Monday, March 18. And although TLC has dismissed the idea as just an idle rumor, the consensus online is that casting Mama June would be an excellent idea, and that she is “definitely in the running.”

According to some fan sites, “June is hilarious. There’s really no other way to sum up her crazy antics….imagine the train wreck…in a blinged out dancing costume…alongside a much more experienced dancing pro. …imagine her taking feedback…”

Yes, imagine. Imagine how she’d get along (or fail to do so) with her fellow competitors who will reportedly include Kourtney Kardashian, Emily Maynard, and Victor Ortiz. Plus, she’s sure to bring her whole family with her to cheer her on from the front row. And of course, that family would include the star of her own TLC reality show, Honey Boo Boo herself. With Mama June as its secret weapon, Dancing With The Stars will garner its highest ratings since Kirstie Alley squeezed into some sequins and kicked up her heels.

Of course, unlike Alley, Mama June was never an A-List star, nor does she possess anything even remotely comparable to Alley’s beautiful face. Even at her most porcine, from the chin up, Kirstie Alley was still quite attractive. But then, mercifully, Mama June doesn’t have lard-butt Nancy Grace’s loud mouth and abrasive personality either.

Good luck, Mama June. You go, Girl! (But try to stay away from those cheese puffs.)

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