Honoring Moms Everywhere

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In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, I'd like to share a poem of mine that I dedicate to my mom, a very special person in my life who consistently and constantly blessed me with her love and loving soul. She's simply beautiful inside and out. I hope that everyone has a mom that they respect, appreciate, love, and care like I do for my mom.  To mom everywhere – I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day. To Children everywhere – Let's not forget mom on their special day!

 Visions of My Mother (A Repost/Revision)

Visions of my mother

Paint a picture in my mind,

So distinctly,

That I can almost smell,

The aroma of a fragrant garden

That I can almost see,

The fair beauty of flowers of every hue

That I can almost taste,

The sweetness of the glistening dewdrops.

That I can almost touch,

The lavender cherry blossom petals

That I can almost hear,

The gentle thoughts of love and healing in every bloom


Visions of my mother

Paint a picture in my mind,

So distinctly,

A mother with a dream

Scattered seeds of kindness and sweetness everywhere

To plant a garden of heaven, grounded in trust

That blooms with every memory

Fed each flower

With the pure blood of hope and passion

And each flower began to flourish and blossom


To lift my spirits

Birds of paradise and tulips

To brighten my day with cheerful thoughts

Lupine blossoms

To fill my imagination


To give me passions and creativity


To give me strength

Sunflowers and lilies

To give me happiness in all shades of life


To show me faith, hope, and wisdom


To add a touch of glamour and elegance


To give me encouragement with a forgiving heart

Lotus blossoms

To give me virtues

And roses with kaleidoscope of colors

To love always. 


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