Hooters employee told to slim down, but check out the picture of the regional manager

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I normally wouldn’t bother with a story that has the corporate name, Hooters, in it. It’s just not on my radar screen. But it’s been sitting on the CNN site today with a pretty strong viewing. I figure it has something to do with the name, but eventually even I’ll bite.

It seems a 20-year-old Hooters employee in Detroit was given her annual review, and along with good marks on her attitude and customer service, she was told to slim down.

Now check this out: here is Cassandra Smith, a student in a community college who is just trying to make some cashola. Pretty, right? She’s attractive and I know if I went to a Hooters for a burger, which I’m not likely to do, and Cassandra waited on me I think I’d chalk that up as a pleasant time.

Now check this guy out. He’s the regional manager for Hooters. I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking right now. This guy is overweight. Way overweight. And if anyone should lose a few pounds for the corporate good–his weight is a liability to the corporate health plan–it’s this guy. If your corporate culture is going to jump on Cassandra, who this particular male writer thinks is attractive, is this also image of someone you want representing you in the public eye? Why does Cassandra get hammered but this guy doesn’t? Oh right, she’s wearing the corporate logo right on her chest.

Check out the story and video.

And check out the comments on the Click On Detroit site. There are lots of people who are sdiing with Hooters. What do you think? Is Hooters run on a double standard?

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