Hooters Sues Rival Restaurant: Chin Up, Chest Out Legal Brawl

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Hooters is now suing a rival restaurant because there’s no room in the restaurant business for two chains focused on women’s breasts. However, this lawsuit doesn’t come across as some fake implanted mumbo-jumbo because there are actually some real legitimate reasons why Hooters should be upset.Hooters Logo.svg

The business is suing rival chain restaurant, Twin Peaks, because they believe Twin Peaks’ founder and ex-Hooters’ VP, Joseph Hummel, is setting up the rival chain with “trade secrets” stolen from Hooters. Uh, what trade secrets would that be? 1) Hire women with large breasts 2) Make sure said women are moderately attractive and fit 3) Prance them around in tight attire and fake smiles

Oops, it now seems everyone in the restaurant business knows Hooters’ trade secrets. This lawsuit may end up being a chest out, huff and puff war between both restaurants. The court papers show that Hooters is asking for La Cima Restaurants, LLC (which will fund and create Twin Peaks) to fire Joseph Hummel. It is now time for a full on, mud wrestling contest in the courts to see who wins and who slips.

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