Hope Dworaczyk Disses ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Badmouths Dionne Warwick

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Hope Dworaczyk doesn’t have much good to say about her time on Celebrity Apprentice, but she has even less favorable things to say about former fellow contestant Dionne Warwick.. Dworaczyk was fired last Sunday by the infamous Donald Trump.

According to a report from Popeater, Dworaczyk claims she wasn’t disappointed when she learned she’d been fired from Celebrity Apprentice. In fact, she says she breathed a huge sigh of relief, and ordered the limo driver to take her directly to one specific spot.

“The first thing I did when I got fired is I got in the car that they put you in to drive you around and I said, ‘Take me to the Mandarin Oriental. I need to go to the roof and have a dirty martini,'” Hope Dworaczyk said. “I was so happy — I am not kidding!”

Of her time on Celebrity Apprentice Hope says, “It was so bad. We were up every morning at 4:30 in the morning and a girl needs her beauty sleep, that’s my first problem. And then they work you for 17 hours a day and you’re with bi*ches … it was horrible!”

Dworaczyk says it was a far cry from fun and games as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. She also mentioned that contrary to popular belief, Gary Busey and NeNe Leaks were not the most difficult of contestants with whom she had to deal. Instead she cites Dionne Warwick for that moniker.

” … [she] was actually the hardest one to work with out of everybody! The 70-year-old Dionne. And it’s hard to call your grandmother a c-word. So that was hard, having to bite your tongue. Because you want to be respectful. And then they fired LaToya, but they brought her back after I was fired. And I was thinking to myself, ‘We just got rid of this bi*ch and now she is walking back in the boardroom!'”

Yes, it certainly would be difficult to call any 70-year-old woman a derogatory name, but it was sort of clear to see that Dionne Warwick might have been a bit difficult to get along with. No, she didn’t create quite the caliber of drama as Gary Busey and NeNe Leaks, but it was definitely clear in subtler ways.

Hope Dworaczyk was sometimes called almost nonexistent or extremely quiet on Celebrity Apprentice. The Playboy model didn’t really seem like she was fully committed to winning the show. Hopefully she gained something during her time as a contestant–other than the knowledge that Dionne Warwick was a difficult cookie to crack.

Do you think it was time for Hope Dworaczyk to go when Donald Trump fired her Sunday night from Celebrity Apprentice?

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