Hope for Haiti – Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris sing Hallelujah, Madonna Like a Prayer (Video)

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Last night The Hope for Haiti telethon/event had an abundance of celebrities and musicians. The event was developed by George Clooney and MTV networks.



Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris did a beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s, Hallelujah.



Madonna did her Like a Prayer. Which of  course seems very appropriate for this very  crucial and desperate time.


The event had many more great performers and huge list of celebrity phone operators. (see list of them here)

The telethon was broadcast from New York, London, Los Angeles and Haiti, and it was featured on all the major networks and channels. It also was streamed live online on websites such as YouTube and MySpace.

Haitians were able to listen to the telethon on Radio One Haiti.

It’s great to see all these wonderful performers and celebrities from all walks of entertainment come together to raise money for this tragic event. So many people over in Haiti need our help right now and it’s so refreshing to know that there are those out there that are caring and compassionate.

If you would like to make a donation click here to go to the Hope for Haiti website or to the Red Cross

For more info: Justin Timberlake, Madonna (MTV), The Seattle Times


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