Hope Solo Throws Maksim Chmerkovskiy Under Bus in New Book

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Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were partners during Season 13 of “Dancing With the Stars,” and viewers saw that they had a rocky relationship at best. In Solo’s new book “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” the soccer player details her experience with Maks on DWTS and it is not pretty. The book, released Aug. 14, is definitely raising eyebrows.

Hope SoloSolo’s new book shares a lot of behind-the-scenes details about her time on “Dancing With the Stars.” Fans will probably be a bit shocked to see how blunt she is, as she’s critical of both the show and her partner Maks. Viewers saw a very difficult moment when Maks shoved Hope during a rehearsal, but she claims it got worse than that.

As the Business Insider notes, Hope claims in her book that Maksim Chmerkovskiy slapped her across the face when he was adjusting her head into the correct position for a move in their dance. She says that this created a firestorm behind the scenes, where production offered her the opportunity to change partners. She says she didn’t because she knew it would blow up and create drama for everybody, possibly affecting Maks’ livelihood.

Are you interested in seeing what else Hope had to say about Maks and her time on DWTS? Do you believe her allegations, or would you like to hear the other side of the story? Maks is certainly known as the “bad boy” of the show, but would he go that far, and would the show keep bringing him back after such an incident?

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