Horsemaning: The Next Planking Fad?

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Horsemaning, an optical illusion mimicking beheading, is gaining in popularity as a new meme, possibly overtaking planking. Hasn’t that been heard before?

Last month, “owling” was the new planking. But there’s apparently not enough danger in that one. Sure “owlers” can fall off rooftops. But some plankers have actually been killed. That’s why this new photographic meme fad has a good chance of catching on.

It gives the illusion of danger without presenting an obvious hazard. And it has the further advantage of being potentially hilarious.

Horsemaning actually started in the 1920s, giving it even further cachet. But in those days the jokesters usually had to wait a week or two to see the results. Meaning the photos had to be carefully staged. With digital photography the pics that don’t make it can be deleted, giving way to instantaneous viral perfection.

So maybe horsemaning is the new owling, is the new planking, etc, etc, etc…

At least until the next genius comes up with the latest Internet Meme fad.

Should be any day now…

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