Hospital Allegedly Sends Dead Baby Photos to Horrified Mother (Video)

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An Ohio hospital allegedly mailed dead baby photos to a grieving mother even after she alleges she asked no photos be taken. The mother, Heather Werth, claims the photos, numbering more than 150, showed the infant, named Joey, in various poses and outfits.

The outrageous story, reported by a local NBC TV station, states that Werth requested that no photos be taken of her dead infant son. But the report does not explain why that request was necessary. The hospital, Good Samaritan in Cincinnati, has so far not commented on the photos or why they were taken and mailed.

A reporter for the station is shown in the video below, looking through a photo album with the pictures inside. The station decided not to air the photos. According to the report, the photos show the child in different outfits and posed on its back, side, and stomach, much the way photos of healthy babies would be taken.

It’s not known yet if this is some kind of grotesque hoax but it doesn’t seem possible the mother would be able to stage such photos. It’s even more incomprehensible, however, to think that hospital employees could be so twisted as to do such a terrible thing.

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