Hospitals Stopping Birth Announcements – Safety Concerns

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Yikes this is scary!

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is urging hospitals across the country to stop publishing birth announcements from local newspapers because of security concerns.

According to an article I read in our newspaper it says more than 240 infant abductions have occurred nationwide since 1983 and at least four of those have been linked to newspaper announcements (who knows how many more may be related?!).

Infant abduction is a type of kidnapping when a newborn child is taken – the newspaper reports that this crime is on the rise nationwide.

Publishing the family’s information in the newspaper gives potential abductors the name of families with a newborn and all they have to do is to look up a family’s address.

Parents can take further steps to protect their families the article says by avoiding any displays or signs (or storks) in their yard that call attention to news of a birth (or adoption I would add).  It helps make the home a prime target for would-be abductors the article says.  (For more info. Visit or call 1-800-THE-LOST.)

We actually called and had a birth announcement ran in a couple of different local newspapers when our daughter was born!  They ran a little after she was born, but I am wondering if I will want to do an announcement now for other children!  It is kind of sad to not be able to celebrate the birth of a child with many of these displays or announcements, but I can see how it poses a safety concern.

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