‘Hot in Cleveland’ Season 3 ‘How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?’ Recap

As Hot in Cleveland opens, the women are waiting on a long line for the ladies’ room at a Cleveland Brown’s football game because Melanie said they could meet guys at a game. Victoria asked where the men were and Melanie pointed some out to her. Victoria did not mean men wearing dog masks, and along comes Elka with dog ears and a rubber dog nose with a construction hat telling the women that they look ridiculous. Melanie can’t wait any longer and goes into the men’s room and comes out almost immediately telling the other women that she is through with men. Victoria says that she said the exact thing the night they met; Elka wants to know how they met and they tell her.

It was back in the 80’s and she was on the rooftop of a Beverly Hills hotel crying when she overheard Victoria crying also. She called to her and they talked. Melanie did not know who Victoria was, but they became friends. Melanie was there to spy on her boyfriend and Victoria was there to audition for a part but did not get it. Melanie was there to spy because she couldn’t afford a private detective and found her boyfriend at a hotel in the honeymoon suite. He was alone…until his other girlfriend came out of the closet, literally. He then used the line; “it’s not you; it’s me,” which was a new line back then.

Joy happened to be there too and she was crying, she was wearing a wedding dress and sitting on the ledge. Melanie yelled to her and she fell off the ledge as Melanie jumped on her train and saved her. After they pulled her up she told them the story. She was all dressed in her wedding gown and as she dragged her train on the rug, she heard a knock on the door of the bellhop. When she touched the doorknob; she got such a shock that it knocked her down. The bellhop read the note to her from her groom who flew the coop.

The three of them went to meet with the guests who were waiting for Joy’s wedding to tell them that the party was over. They swore off men completely and then laughed with their big 80’s hair and predictions of the future that have already taken place via episodes of Hot in Cleveland.

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