‘Hotel Hell’ Recap: Gordon Ramsay Gets Naked

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On August 20, 2012, the second episode of Hotel Hell aired. This Hotel Hell recap visits the Cambridge Hotel in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Hotel owners John Imhof and his wife Tina have no experience running a hotel. Can Ramsay turn this hotel into a money-maker?

Gordon Ramsay colour Allan WarrenBackground

The Cambridge hotel opened in 1862 and has continually catered to guests in the region without interruption. This hotel is the home of pie à la mode. The historic building is impressive from the outside. The desk clerk says the hotel is haunted.

John is a local attorney with a military background. He decided to purchase the hotel in order to have a place for the couple to have a place for weekend getaways. He never intended to be a hands-on owner.

The employees say John is a control freak. He micro-manages the hotel. You see him refilling ice buckets, vacuuming the lobby and performing tasks he should delegate to other employees.

Money is a huge issue. The first year in business, John lost $350,000 followed by $250,00 in the second year. His house is at risk and he borrowed money from his parents and children just to keep the hotel afloat.

Ramsay’s visit

Gordon Ramsay immediately noticed problems when he checked in. The RIP Cambridge sign was disturbing–foreshadowing events to come. Creepy portraits and pictures hung on the wall. Ramsay said they looked like something out of the Exorcist.

Ramsay’s room was a disaster in floral print. From the wallpaper to the bedding–nothing but floral. Gordon Ramsay decided to check out the shower. Lucky viewers got to see a bum naked Gordon Ramsay. The scratchy linens were not to his liking.

The third floor is off-limits to visitors because it is complete disrepair. Food in the restaurant is awful, and the pie à la mode looks and tastes like dog food.


Gordon Ramsay was able to show the owners how to run a hotel. His team decorated the floral room to incorporate the large floral print on the wallpaper. Chef Ramsay showed the kitchen staff how to cook a proper apple pie. Freshly made ice cream accompanies the pie à la mode now.

This Hotel Hell recap ends on a sad note. Although John and Tina Imhof made great strides to improve their hotel, the bank foreclosed on the business. Even a naked Gordon Ramsay could not save it. For the first time in 150 years, the Cambridge Hotel closed its doors.

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