‘Hotel Hell’ Season Finale Recap

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The first season of Hotel Hell ended with a two-hour finale spotlighting two hotels in dire need of Gordon Ramsay’s help. First stop for Ramsay was the River Rock Inn, a bug infested bed and breakfast with an owner on a serious power trip. Next, the Roosevelt Inn is a failing 16-room inn with dysfunctional owners. The finale took Gordon Ramsay across the United States from Milford, Pennsylvania to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The River Rock Inn

Ken Pisciotta is sole proprietor of the River Rock Inn, located in Milford, Pennsylvania. He is 48 years old, single and lives at the inn because of financial troubles. He purchased the property two years ago and never turned a profit. Pisciotta is drowning in debt and the inn is literally falling apart at the seams. Guests pay top dollar for bug infested rooms, peeling paint, and awful food. The inn is bleeding money to the tune of $7,000 a month.

Ken Pisciotta is controlling and overbearing. He leaves sarcastic notes for his staff and one waitress referred to Pisciotta as a sole-sucker. The bed was so dirty under blacklight that Ramsay slept in his sleeping bag.

To remedy the situation Ramsay brings in Ramesh Sadhwani, VP of Hotel Operations at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. Sadhwani’s task is to bring the River Rock Inn’s staff up to proper hospitality standards. He shows them how to meet and greet the guests at the door.

Pisciotta gets an upgrade to his image with a stylist. To celebrate, Gordon Ramsay takes him out for a night on the town. While Ken and Gordon play, Ramsay’s staff completely revamps the inn with paint, new TVs and working WiFi. An updated website allows online reservations.

Ken Pisciotta promises to turn over a new leaf and let his employees do their job. Only time will tell if he can stay the course and turn the River Rock Inn into a profitable business.

The Roosevelt Inn

Once upon a time, the Roosevelt Inn was a local school in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Owner John Hough purchased the building without his wife’s knowledge. When he informed his wife Tina of the purchase, she cried. The place deserves the title of Hotel Hell.

The Roosevelt is a 16-room inn. The owners have everything tied up into making the business a success. Tina was dragged unwillingly into running the Roosevelt, while her husband John, puts on monthly murder mystery parties and awkwardly invites himself to the guests’ wedding receptions.

The dated rooms are dirty. A blacklight test shows stains on the mattresses. Dinner consists of a five-course meal cooked in a tiny kitchen. Other problems include an underutilized banquet room and the inn smells like the owners’ dogs.

To fix this mess, Gordon Ramsay must make John realize that his actions and attitudes are destroying the business and his marriage. Ramsay then creates a menu that cooks in one pot, updates the banquet room, and banishes the dogs to the owner’s quarters. Gordon repairs a relationship with a local wedding planner and books a wedding for that night. All went well with the wedding and it seems the Roosevelt Inn is on track to make the owners a profit.

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