‘Hotel Impossible': Fiddler’s Inn in Nashville Recap

Tonight on Hotel Impossible, Anthony and the team drop by the Fiddler’s Inn in Nashville. This budget hotel has lots of history in the city of Nashville and the country music industry. Still, the hotel seems to be failing today. Anthony hopes to use the history as a means of attracting guests, but must find out what other issues might be hindering the hotel’s progress.

First, Anthony discovers the lobby is actually a gift shop. There is very little welcoming of guests, or focus on the hotel; instead guests are bombarded by the sell of hats, t-shirts and other souvenirs.

Next, Anthony takes a walk around the property and sees signs of poor maintenance and management. At first glance, the style of furniture, carpet and bedding all age the facility. Even worse, however, are the cleanliness problems. When inspecting the room and bed, Anthony finds urine and blood stains, and possible feces on the mattress.

When sitting down with the hotel owner Johnny and his general manager, Anthony realizes Johnny is somewhat of a problem. In truth, the manager appears afraid of Johnny and consequently does not speak up or express her concerns. Additionally, the manager refers to him as “tight.”

Anthony decides to act as a mediator between Johnny and his manager. Although Johnny admits to having a “short fuse,” he initially doesn’t see his temper as a problem. Finally, however, the owner apologizes and recognizes he can be difficult to work for. They both agree to work together and move forward to make the hotel more successful. Anthony also meets with the Director of Housekeeping to discuss the cleanliness problems. Sadly, she admits she wouldn’t sleep in the beds or under the bedding. She is also concerned that despite Anthony’s efforts, management will go back to slack rules and guidelines after he leaves. Later, he meets with the maintenance team. This group is in trouble because they are all part-time with no leadership. Anthony points out to them many things that need fixing around the facility, and recommends they better organize their work room and supply area.

Lastly, Anthony brings in the Hotel Impossible team to reform the Fiddler’s Inn. They begin with changing the lobby into a reception area, and giving each room a thorough cleaning. He also makes improvements to the hotel’s status on the internet, and arranges an interview for Johnny with a local radio personality. To Johnny’s surprise, while on the radio, Anthony announces a food truck contest. This event will be held in the parking lot of the Fiddler’s Inn, and country singer Craig Morgan would judge the competition. For future growth, Anthony tells Johnny to use any extra funds to hire a maintenance supervisor and improve on hotel housekeeping.

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