‘Hotel Impossible': ‘Newport Spa & Whirlpool Suites in Rhode Island’ Recap

Anthony and the Hotel Impossible crew visit a hotel in the tourist town of Newport, Rhode Island. The inn is located just 3 miles from the downtown area, and minutes from several shops and eateries.

History and Background of the Hotel

John, the owner, purchased the Newport Spa and Whirlpool Suites in 1995. Seems he got a very good deal on the property; however, business has declined since his taking over. Because of financial problems, the owner says he will have to sell the hotel if things don’t change quickly. Nonetheless, he seems both clueless and callous. Additionally, he has stripped the manager of her power, and cut the staff to only six. One example is that of maintenance which functions with one person and operates out of a guest room.

Per advertising, the hotel promises a romantic, relaxing environment, but fails to deliver. There is a pool and hot tub that are inoperable along with several maintenance concerns. Additionally, the word “spa” is incorporated in the hotel name, but there are no real spa services offered.

The Rooms/Amenities

The hotel advertises luxurious and romantic suites, but the rooms are far from that. While inspecting a room, Anthony finds a filthy, smelly, stained mattress cover, a disconnected sink drain, dirty toilet and a jacuzzi oddly placed in the corner of the room.

Anthony is also thoroughly shocked when he sees all the money and passion that has been committed to the hotel’s fitness center. There is over $100,000 invested in the exercise equipment alone, and John the owner has solicited gym members from the community.

Hotel Impossible Crew/Conclusion

Anthony’s staff faces real challenges in this facility. The awkward jacuzzis cannot be moved out of the rooms so the team must work around them. Additionally, the team must repair the pool, remove the inoperable hot tubs and provide seating for the pool area. A painting contractor is also hired to freshen up other areas of the hotel.

In the end, John makes a really good decision and hires a Vice President of Operations. He agrees to step back and work mainly as an investor.

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