Hotel takeover: Homeless commandeer San Francisco property

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Yesterday, a hotel takeover occurred in the Tenderloin district as homeless people commandeered a vacant San Francisco property.

This happened during World Homeless Day (10/10/10) as a way to protest the horrendous way hundreds of homeless Bay Area people must live: On sidewalks, in cars, and wherever they can hang around without being harmed or put in the slammer.

This morning, three people were reportedly taken into custody from the former Leslie Hotel on the grounds of trespassing, says local SF television station KTVU, who remarked that the police entered the edifice to get out anyone who remained after the protest ended.

Still, and as it should be, at the time of the actual protest, the cops simply let the protesters speak as they stalked out this vacant space which would be a great place to let those who don’t have a residence get some sleep in peace.

To help make that happen, more than 100 people made their point last night while taking over the 68-unit building sitting empty at the corner of Larkin and Eddy Streets, according to Indy Bay.

While on the premises, the former front desk in the hotel that had been closed for more than two years became literature central, offering information on how to remedy the homeless cause in the City by the Bay.

And, for comic relief, one jovial fellow calling himself the Secretary in Defense of Anarchy, greeted everyone who came to the hotel takeover when the homeless comandeered a vacant San Francisco property on 10/10/10.

Do you think this takeover did any good? Will the Bay Area homeless get help now? Thoughts? Thanks.


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