House 2010 Season Finale May 17, 2010

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Tonight (May 17, 2010) was the season finale of House. There aren’t many shows that I make a real point of watching, but I have become incredibly stuck on watching House for the past couple of years. Tonight’s House season finale did not disappoint.

We had been told up fron that the House season finale would involve a big public disaster. While I had imagined plane crash or bombs on a subway, it in fact turned out to be a crane collapse on a parking garage in Trenton.  Both House and Cuddy assist in triaging the victims.

A girl named Hanna has her leg trapped in the remains of a parking garage. In an attempt to keep her leg, House fights with Cuddy over both the issue at hand and those that exist just underneath the surface. House winds up siding with Cuddy and convincing Hanna to allow him to amputate her leg. He explains how his leg and the ensuing pain had made him a fairly miserable guy to be around, and that as a result he had wound up all alone.

House performs the amputation in the crumbling parking garage without the ability to knock Hanna out. Once in the ambulance after she has been cut free, he realizes she has a fat embolism resulting from the amputation. He can only watch as Hanna dies.

House returns home devastated over losing Hanna. Reduced to tears on his floor, and with a few pills in his hand, Cuddy enters and gives him hell for even considering taking the pills. She is also there to tell him she has ended her relationship with Lucas, because……guess what? She is in love with House. I knew it! I knew it!

Cuddy then helps House up off the floor and the two kiss. It is tender and gentle, but it’s a kiss nonetheless. She also humorously assures House that he is “not hallucinating,” with regard to last year’s season finale.

So there it is, folks. The 2010 House season finale leaves me wondering how House and Cuddy (Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein) will pick up this love for one another once the new season starts.

Any ideas?


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