House “A Pox on Our House” Preview – Has Smallpox Broken out at Princeton Plainsboro?

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This week on House, Amber Tamblyn’s Martha M. Masters was fired and rehired a number of times, and now she’s sticking around to work with House, Foreman, Chase, and Taub.  Next week’s episode is “A Pox on Our House,” and it brings the CDC into Princeton Plainsboro when their case may be more serious than they’re used to.

“A Pox on Our House” Promo

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Actor Hugh Laurie arrives at Fox TV's season 6 premiere of 'House' at the Cinerama Dome on September 17, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Fox)

In this episode, the patient comes to the hospital with “symptoms closely linked to smallpox” after being exposed to an old medicine container from a shipwreck.  Dr. Dave Broda of the CDC immediately puts the place under quarantine and this interrupts House and his team trying to figure out what’s wrong with their patient.  Masters thinks Broda’s hiding something and the patient may not have smallpox after all.  House winds up doing something that risks his life, which isn’t exactly uncommon on this show.  While all this is going on, Wilson and Sam are working with a child undergoing chemo, and this “prompts them to examine their relationship.”  Could they be deciding whether or not they want to have children one day?  It seems likely, and they are moving in that direction.  The promo (below) shows the patient quarantined and the doctors in Hazmat suits.  She wants to know what she has, and House stares at her through the Hazmat helmet.  Masters tells the patient “smallpox,” and someone injects something into her IV.  The patient says “there’s no cure,” and her father seems to be infected as well.  However House tells Dr. Broda he doesn’t have smallpox and enters the father’s room without protection.  Once inside, however, Dr. Broda says he can’t let House leave the room.  Cuddy says she wants him alive, and Foreman tells House he shouldn’t have entered the room.


What do you think of the preview of the next episode of House?

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