‘House of Lies’ Season 2, Episode 2 ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet’ Recap

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The House of Lies is a bit rocky right now. Marty (Don Cheadle), Clyde (Ben Schwartz) and Doug (Josh Lawson) head out to Vegas ahead of Jeanie (Kristin Bell), who has a meeting with the new interim CEO Julianne (Bess Armstrong) that she can’t avoid. Would it surprise anyone who has seen more than 10 minutes of this show that the boys are stoked to be in Vegas?

When they get into Pincus’s casino, they are surprised to find that someone from Galweather Stearn is already in with Pincus. They wonder if Jeanie somehow managed to get done with her meeting early. Speculation is quickly ended when they walk in and find Tamara (Nia Long) charming Pincus (Kevin Dobson) into submission. Or trying to at least. While making a preliminary pitch, Clyde makes the mistake of mentioning the Vibrato, a competitor’s casino. Pincus all but froths at the mouth he is so disgusted.

When they leave the meeting, Clyde and Doug pump Tamara for information. Doug is his usual charming self, and mocks them for having gone to Berkeley for business school since he went to the only one worth anything. Harvard. They ignore him. Tamara tells them that they were 1, 2 at the school. Marty clarifies that he was 1 and Tamara was 2. Clyde wants dirt and Tamara provides it. Marty of old had cornrows and played “Smoke on the Water” on repeat with the guitar he always carried. Really? Probably not, right? But Clyde laps it up anyway.

While all that’s happening, Jeanie is making friends in high places. Except maybe replace friends with enemies. Julianne tells Jeanie that she is happy to meet her, and Jeanie tells her they’ve met before. Apparently Jeanie volunteered for Julianne’s unsuccessful gubernatorial race. Or she might have made that all up just to wind her up, because Jeanie can’t get away from that race, and keeps repeating how much Julianne spent on that failing venture. All this just after Julianne offered to mentor her, so Julianne questions whether Jeanie is taking that offer with the spirit in which it was offered. Jeanie tells her to cut the crap. She knows that Julianne doesn’t really want to mentor her, she just wants to make sure Jeanie doesn’t sue, and that really, she wants to fire Jeanine and all the other whistleblowers. Julianne acknowledges the truth of that, but tells Jeanie that she knows she won’t sue. And that while they can’t fire all the whistleblowers, they can certainly fire one. Oh, and by the way, some of the women they’ve hired above her were hired on Marty’s recommendation.

So all this makes for a really cheery Jeanie when she finally gets into Vegas. She meets the boys at the buffet where Doug has been waxing forth on the way buffets are rigged so that the unwary load up on the cheap stuff, whereas he knows that the shrimp is at the end. He mocks Clyde as he loads up on shrimp, and never mind that he might be allergic to shrimp. Oy. Jeanie introduces herself to Tamara, who makes it abundantly clear that she knows all about Jeanie. Tamara is really sweet. Jeanie and Clyde are entertained when Doug gets hauled off by security because apparently Doug was the mastermind of a card counting ring and he made a crap ton of money which he gave away to a homeless organization in a fit of conscience. Sadly, he then tried to get it back by convincing the organization that blankets would be a disadvantage when the homeless were returned back to nature. Sigh.

Jeanie, Clyde, Tamara, and Marty have a lunch meeting with Doug teleconferencing in from the corner. They promptly ignore him as Jeanie sells Marty on a remodel to push on Pincus. Tamara doesn’t agree. She thinks they should try to get Pincus to get in on the ground floor of online gambling because it will be legal soon according to a highly placed source she has in the Department of Justice. Jeanie feels threatened and pushes back at Tamara. Marty cuts Jeanie off but then tells Tamara that he can read Pincus and he won’t go for an online business.

When they meet with Pincus, they present the remodel idea, but when he asks Tamara what she thinks, she hesitates and he calls Marty out. Marty takes Tamara out to rip her a new one for screwing the team, and she asks him how he’s let himself become this lackey. He tells her off for screwing the team and he texts Clyde.

Back at the table, Clyde pretends to get a call from Carlson and leaves the table. The thing is that Clyde took Marty to WAR, a club owned by the loud Dushkin twins (Evan and Taylor Gerard Hart), and Carlson was there, so Marty uses Carlson to try and hook Pincus into a gambling app by pretending they’ve already pitched the gambling app to Carlson, but Pincus refuses to bite because he finds online gambling boring. He walks. The guys are flummoxed, but Marty and Jeanie are on the same page. She starts drunkenly chanting, “Carlson.”


The team heads to WAR looking for Carlson. Marty discovers that the twins are in talks to open clubs in the Vibrato. So Clyde and Marty will be partying with the Douchebag twins. Jeanie is pissed that Tamara came to the party considering how the deal didn’t go down, and decides she needs to unwind with a man. She chooses the dj.

Marty and Jeanie eye each other across the club, and a little bit more of that night is revealed. Turns out that after Jeanie said those three little words, Marty said, “I love you, too.”

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