‘House’ Series Finale ‘Everybody Dies’ Sneak Peeks: Carpe Diem

House comes to an end on Monday, May 21, with season 8 episode 22, “Everybody Dies.” It’s going to be an emotional night, from the one-hour retrospective at 8 to the last ever episode of the show at 9.

House Series Finale “Everybody Dies” Clips

<br><a href="http://...The first sneak peek out (below) from the final episode of the Fox medical drama shows the team is in disbelief that House has taken on a new case—and run tests himself! Even House can’t get through saying, “I saw the chance to help someone in need and I instinctively…” Taub brings up the fact that Wilson’s dying and his parole officer’s likely on his way over and wonders how House is in a good mood. This entire scene is worth it for House’s response alone: “Did you never see Dead Poets Society? Carpe diem!” Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Wilson, was in that movie, and it seems appropriate to bring that up in the last episode of the show.

The second House series finale clip (below) shows House trying to appeal to Foreman to help him with the parole board. All he wants him to do is tell one “tiny white lie” and tell them he needs him there for the next five months to take eight urgent cases. He tells him to dock his pay and even sue him, but it was just a prank that went wrong. However, Foreman just says that he’s lucky the parole board didn’t add more time to his sentence like they really should have. It doesn’t look like House is going to get the time he wants while Wilson’s dying this way. So what will he come up with next?

The third “Everybody Dies” sneak peek (below) shows House counting down from 5, at which point the patient surges up and the team struggles to hold him down. He refuses to stop doing drugs. This could be one of the last scenes with House doing what he does best and figuring out what’s going on with his patient.

What do you think of the House series finale sneak peeks from season 8 episode 22, “Everybody Dies”?

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