Houston Kindergartner Shoots Three Children

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A Houston kindergartner shoots three children including himself accidentally when a gun in his pocket goes off at school. Who’s responsible for this breech in safety?

A 6-year-old kindergartner reportedly brought a concealed gun to Houston’s Betsy Ross school in his pants’ pocket. While he was in the cafeteria, the gun fell out of his pocket as he sat down to eat his meal, causing it to fire during the fall.

The shot wounded the child that had brought the gun in the foot as well as two other children who received injures to their leg and foot. Thankfully, none of the children were seriously wounded.

However, this case has made Houston parents question the safety of their children and whether or not additional measures are needed to protect their children. More importantly, how can these parents ever make their children feel safe and secure that something like this won’t happen again? School shootings are traumatic enough for high school kids that understand a lot more than elementary children do. Can you imagine the trauma that this incident has to have caused for these little children?

It’s not currently known if charges will be filed against the child who brought the gun or his family. Should charges be filed against him, the child could possibly wind up being sent to an alternative school for up to 180 days.

However, many would argue it’s not the child that needs to be punished and disciplined, but the parents. Is it all the child’s fault that he brought a gun to school? Likely it’s not. He was just a kindergartner, and it’s quite possible he didn’t fully even understand what he had in his pocket. If his parents had locked the firearm away and kept it unloaded, then it’s quite likely the world would not have even heard of this incident. Is it not their fault that this tragic shooting happened?

What do you think? Should the child be punished or the parents? Weigh in below.

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