Houston Policeman Shoots Double Amputee Dead

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Matthew Jacob Marin, a five-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, shot and killed a double amputee inside a group home on Sept. 22. He said that he felt threatened by the man in the wheelchair because he was waving a metal object in front of him that turned out to be a pen.

Marin claims that he didn’t know what the metal object was at the time and that the man was threatening to stab him with it. If the policeman truly couldn’t tell what the object the man in the wheelchair was using, he really needs to get his eyes checked.

Police had been called to the home because the man in the wheelchair was causing a disturbance. John Garcia, the owner of the group home, said that the man had a history of mental illness and that he lost his arm and leg when he was hit by a train.

Since the incident, Marin has been placed on a three-day administrative leave.

Two things are very interesting with this case. For one, the officer claims that the man in the wheelchair came “within inches to a foot” of him and he still couldn’t tell what the metal object was? Is he blind? Also, there were two officers at the scene. Why wasn’t one able to disarm a man who only had one arm and one leg? Even if the man was causing a disturbance, he didn’t deserve to be killed. Hopefully, the police officer is rightfully punished for his actions.

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