How Broke and Desperate Is Casey Anthony?

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Is Casey Anthony so hard up for cash that she’d be willing to sabotage her own future? Judging by her enigmatic way of being reckless and stupid yet untouchable at the same time, it’s hard to speculate on the possibilities. The latest report coming out of Totmomville, Florida says that some guy is putting up a chunk of money to help her with her current bankruptcy issues.

James M. Schober is named in court documents as offering $10,000 to help Case with her financial troubles. However, there is one glaring stipulation that would be a deal breaker if Casey had a brain in her head–and it’s debatable as to whether she really does or not.

In order to cash out on this modest fortune, Casey Anthony must agree to never go public with her story–whatever version of it she may be wanting to fabricate..erhm… the time. Hmm, does that sound fair to you?

Look, it’s no secret that Tot Mom is one of the most hated people in America, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t eventually tell her story someday–even if it is likely to be a load of lies. She is, after all, a convicted liar. And you can’t trust convicted liars as far as you can throw them. Nonetheless, $10,000 is certainly a pittance compared to how much her story could make her whether true or otherwise. So she’d be out of her mind to take up such a “deal”.

So the question remains: Is Casey broke and desperate enough to trade her story for $10,000?

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