How can 14 votes affect the lives of millions? When the Senate makes the final call on the immigration bill. Share your perspective.

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Of course the debate is never over, this is politics after all. From the Minnesota Public Radio News Website, Supporters fall 14 votes short of keeping immigration bill alive in Senate:

The Senate drove a stake Thursday through President Bush’s plan to legalize millions of unlawful immigrants, likely postponing major action on immigration until after the 2008 elections.

The bill’s supporters fell 14 votes short of the 60 needed to limit debate and clear the way for final passage of the legislation, which critics assailed as offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. The vote was 46 to 53 in favor of limiting the debate.

A surprise? Nah. But this being a vote that affects us all in a million visible and unpredictable ways, I have to wonder what you’re thinking.

  • How does this vote affect you?
  • Do you agree with the results?
  • Armchair politicians, tell us how you would have voted on this and why.


Julia Schrenkler
Minnesota Public Radio Interactive Producer

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