How Did the Star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Miss the Boat with My Life in Ruins?

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Last night I cued up the newest Nia Vardalos movie, My Life in Ruins, and settled in expecting to be thoroughly entertained. I didn’t jump right on the My Big Fat Greek Wedding bandwagon, but when I finally saw it after it was on DVD for a few months, I enjoyed it a good bit.

I saw previews for My Life in Ruins, and while it didn’t seem magical, it seemed like it would be a typical and fun chick flick.


My mind wandered for the whole movie, which should have been difficult.  If the plot of the movie couldn’t entertain, surely the lovely scenery could keep my attention.

Again, nope.

Greece could not save My Life in Ruins.  Neither could Richard Dreyfuss.

The basic theme is woman who made a mistake and is somewhat jaded, insert hottie, insert minor characters, life changing ensues as does sex.  Classic formula. Mediocre results.

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