How Do I Get My Sister To Sleep With Me? FailBlog Reveals Another Google Search Suggestion WIN

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“How do I get my sister to sleep with me” and other wacky Google suggestion-questions.

One of the more helpful inventions related to searching and browsing the web is search suggestions – the suggested search terms that appear in a drop-down menu as you’re typing your search query into Google, or Wikipedia, or a host of other websites.  The suggestions seem to be based on what the masses have recently been searching for.

But sometimes the suggestions are a little weird, like in the case of “How do I get my sister to sleep with me?”  This is one that Failblog pointed out in a new posting this morning.  When you go to Google and start typing in “how do i get…”, it’s currently the number 2 suggestion (after “How do I get a passport”).

You may remember a similar flare-up of searches for “why won’t my parakeet eat my diarrhea?” which was another Failblog observation.

Here are some other wacky Google search suggestion questions that you can try for yourself.  I can honestly say that these did not come from MY sick mind:

Why Do I…

  • “why do i fart so much”
  • “why do i have so much discharge”
  • “why do i have green poop”


  • “why can’t i own a canadian” (my personal fave)
  • “why do men have nipples”

Why Does…

  • “why does my belly button smell”
  • “why does my dog eat poop”

Where Are My…

  • “where are my keys”
  • “where are my children”

Why Are…

  • “why are there school” (a question that answers itself)

Okay, enough fun for now.  See if you can find any more good ones and add them below!

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