How do you define “local” when you’re talking about news?

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When I think about The Future of News summit, one thing stands out, the 2nd line:

Creating a new model for regional journalism in America.

That’s a complex discussion and I’m glad we’re hosting a summit on it, because there are so many perspectives to consider… and let’s face it, gathering and distributing news is a rapidly evolving process right now.

My colleague Andrew Haeg posted a link to the report Lead type, dead type: New patterns of local news production and consumption about the rapid changes in the news business. He specifically searches for an answer to his question:

How do you define local? What information do you need to connect to your place, however you define it?

Is it merely a geographical line? A hundred-mile boundary for loca(news)avores? Is it defined by population, or specific communities that may share race, religion, or ethnic background? How do you define “local” when you’re talking about news?

This is an open discussion, so you’re welcome to link to your related Gather articles or other online resources. Your comments & articles may be quoted with attribution during The Future of News Summit, or on American Public Media or Minnesota Public Radio web sites.

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