How do you say Happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish? – May 5 Mexican Independence day

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Today is the fun holiday which celebrates a historic date for the Mexican Army, Cinco de Mayo!  Twitterers are all tweeting “happy Cinco de Mayo!” for friends, family and followers as are Facebook and Myspace users.  Some would like to know how do you say Happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, so they can update with style.  Here’s your quick guide to giving the festive greeting en español.

In Spanish the word for happy is “feliz.”  You may have heard the song “Feliz Navidad” by Julio Inglesias.  “Feliz Navidad” translates to Happy or Merry Christmas.  So use “feliz” with today’s holiday.  Stick that onto the front of Cinco de Mayo and you’ve got your phrase “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”  To impress your friends or family even more, if today is someone’s birthday, you may also want to wish them a “Feliz cumpleanos!” which is Happy Birthday in Spanish.

Many people will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today by hanging out with friends later and drinking a Corona, Dos Equis, some tequila or a variety of other cervezas.  How do you plan to celebrate today’s Cinco de Mayo holiday?

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