How Does Nexslim (formally Medislim) work?

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The basis of the Nexslim diet is the manner in which it is customized for you and not a one size fits all diet program. The program will take into account the facts that make up your body including the medical conditions you suffer from, your physical limitations and your personal health goals.

A registered dietitian will review your curring eating habits and will develop a meal plan to correct the errors in your current eating plan. Then will monitor your current medications and lab work in order to determine whether your dosage should be increased, decreased or stopped.

Education will be offered to the dieter in individual or groups to discuss healthy eating skills, healthy lifestyle strategies and plan for long term maintenance to avoid relapses in weight gain.

The B12 shots will increase your energy levels and give you that boost you need to increase your desire and your ability to be active. Without this increase in energy you are not able to withstand the sudden decrease in calories. Your body will be in a state of survival reserving as many calories as possible due to the sudden decrease in calories.

With the education, diet plan and other assistance aids they will be able to assist you to lose 2 to 4 pounds a week. You should see results in no time.

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