How does one respond to ignorance?

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I am dealing with ignorance on another site, and am trying to figure out how to talk to them without showing them they are a complete idiot…

Background – I wrote an article that blasts those hate mongers who are disrupting funerals.  I do believe in freedom of speech and that is what the article is about.  Someone commented on my article with an inappropriate comment which of course I stated ‘freedom of speech’ – not illegal…

Now because the person read only bits and pieces of the article, not the whole thing, they have completely misunderstood it.  I have responded to each accusation.  I will post 4 comments as they appear so maybe someone can tell me if I was wrong in my response.

comment by Jed -

The way to deal with protestors, to shut them up, is tell the cops, one of the protestors said the “N” word. How’s that for freedom of speech?

My response to this comment -

As far as i know Jed, there is no law against saying the ‘N’ word, even during protests. It’s still freedom of speech. Think of all the KKK speeches you’ve heard about. They do it legally, get their permits and they too say things that are so wrong, it makes me want to vomit.

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The person who has misunderstood the article AND comment -

You hypocrite you, You say just because it is legal does not make it right. Then you turn around and say you don’t see any law against saying the “N” word. Just because there is no law, does that make it right? You quote scripture to justify what you want and slam dunk others for speaking out. You even have the nerve to consign some one to hell. You don’t even have a heaven or hell to put some one in. Watch out, you just might be making your bed there yourself. I don’t even care if you post this comment or not.

My Response to this comment -

Well, I think you might just have to go back and re-read a few things. I never said it was right to use the ‘N’ word, I said it wasn’t illegal to use it. Did you read the part “They do it legally, get their permits and they too say things that are so wrong, it makes me want to vomit’?

I do NOT condone ANYONE who calls ANYONE names… Now you have called me a Hypocrite, which I feel is unjust as well. I have not said anything to hurt anyone, yet you are coming here to yell at me because you failed to read everything.

How did I consign someone to hell? I said “I believe that you are the proverbial snow ball headed for hell”. I did not say I was putting them there. Who am I? Just a person who has the right to believe what I will, just as you do.

As far as posting your comment, why wouldn’t I? You have a right to your opinion, just as I have.

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The article in question is ‘Hatred Disguised as Freedom of Speech” Any input you have would be greatly appreciated…  Am I wrong here?  Did he misunderstand the whole concept of the article???


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