How Does Phaedra Parks Really Feel about Kenya Moore and her Husband’s Flirting?

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According to Kenya Moore on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Phaedra Parks isn’t at all threatened by the flirting and moves she’s made on her husband, Apollo. As fans know, Kenya has done some pretty serious flirting with Apollo in Anguilla—and in front of her boyfriend, Walter! In Kenya’s latest blog update on Bravo, the former Miss USA thanked Phaedra for her support after she learned Walter wasn’t planning to propose after all.

Kendra posted this on her blog about Phaedra:

“I want to especially thank Phaedra for comforting me during my humiliating ‘non proposal.’

“Despite the previous sentiment, Phaedra did not take the now-infamous flirting to heart. A characteristic of a grown, intelligent woman is to be able to see the truth.”

Phaedra Parks was incredibly frustrated by Kenya’s openly playful side around Apollo. When she met him a few episodes ago, Kenya told Apollo how much he looks like a male supermodel and flirted with him poolside in Anguilla. Later on she got a little more physical with him when she asked Phaedra what she would ask two of her girl friends to give her husband for his birthday. Her ulterior motives were hard to figure out, but she obviously wanted to feel desirable and loved in her own clumsy way.

Since Phaedra supported Kenya in last week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” will there be more peace between the two women?

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